Someone is Spying on Me and Nodding Off by Daisy Thomas

Someone is spying on me Well I can't write a poem can I when I am too busy feeling like one Oh, how abstract of me I lost my voice on a four hour walk dropped it in the dungeon of Goodrich Castle where I said (because we climbed the wall to avoid the £7 [...]


Baggage Claim by James Croal Jackson

Planes fly in circles all day, all night. You traveled alone, again. There’s always one bag no one claims on the belt. Movement stops, you wait in the airport’s clinical lights while conversations blend to a drone. Beach bracelets and t-shirts in tow, others wait for rides in the river of cars. Passengers from other [...]

Maple Leaves and Yulia Mihailovna by Xiuqi Huang

Maple Leaves In the room with curtains Of patterns of maple leaves Was where the voice of the sea Ended, and the pain begun. Now the room is gone And the shadows of maple Leaves flutter over me, Leaving me in wonder, If it might have been A brighter day by the sea. Yulia Milhailovna [...]