My Life as a by Jonathan Coward

my life as a  bricks fall on our heads        as revelations like i forgot you then remembered more than i forgot an unquenchable thirst  of one whole year in polarity   somewhere offshore/onshore and scrawled over    a fresh white sheet are the voices of friends from an overcast day in june each too generous for words           or something to that effect JONATHAN [...]


cul-de-sac (spectral) by Jonathan Coward

cul-de-sac (spectral) for the first time terminus did not agree with its dictionary definition but was boundless in a way i’ve dreamed of late. undulating sheep fields with big oaks knocking around by the road. a long-pictured stand-in for somewhere-on-sea meaning terminus. purple wormhole terminus over kings cross saint pancreas. imagine that! a crunching gravel [...]