Connected by Nicola Bourne

They say when someone dies that they leave a hole in your heart but I don’t think that’s true.   Instead, they add something to your heart.  It has the shape and weight of a large boulder and its forever in the way.  It makes it hard for your heart to keep working.  Hard to [...]


Gates of Greenwich by Dallas Athent

There was a pause between puffs. Jamie looked at me like he was going to ask for a favor, overextending his eye contact. The sticky summer heat mixed with the weed glued every word he said to me in a way that felt permanent. The crickets created their own symphony in the trees outside the [...]

The First Animal by Kandace Siobhan Walker

At the end of the world, there is a beach. The giant monkey who lives there likes to watch the waves come in and go out again. The waves’ reliability is therapeutic. Especially for an animal who lives at the intersection of the universe and its apocalypse. It is for this reason, being on the [...]

Gold Streets and Cockroaches by Kenneth Pobo

Yesterday, after I finished memorizing the fourth chapter of Leviticus and had repeated it to my superior Mr. Worman, I started wondering about Worman’s position in heaven.  I don't want to be smiled at (benevolently) for eternity, don't want to be smiled at now, but in the Colony we are happy.  We are happy. Growing [...]

Ovalution by Róise Nic An Bheatha

Pregnant, two hours after conception. Technology these days tried for months. Cried. Sobs woke you. On bathroom floor, lying was comforted. You asked wrong. A positive sign clutched to chest was right. Happy news you said but cried. You, loved. A Father, never a mother with equal opportunities; more a house wife? Content being a [...]