Someone is Spying on Me and Nodding Off by Daisy Thomas

Someone is spying on me

Well I can’t write a poem can I
when I am too busy feeling like one
Oh, how abstract of me
I lost my voice on a four hour walk
dropped it in the dungeon
of Goodrich Castle where I said
(because we climbed the wall
to avoid the £7 entry fee)
“I don’t agree with private property!”
See, I can still be an anarchist
Oh, just let me fall to my rickety death
I don’t want to climb back out
I am so dearly embarrassing

Nodding off

At a family reunion all the old people were saying
follow your dreams. Last night I dreamt
I was exfoliating with dry ramen and dead skin
piled up like parmesan on the bathroom floor.
When I get back to London I’m going to feed myself
to the ducks and get jealous as the squirrels
pay more attention to the man holding a bag of nuts
than me. The cloud factory here is shutting down
so all the men have lost their jobs and of course
the government doesn’t care at all. I don’t know
if there’ll be a cloud shortage but if there is we might
be able to breathe easy for once. There aren’t any
silver linings that I know of. I didn’t notice
my cactus was dead for months, I might be
a terrible mother. Its pot fell onto my bed, I slept
in the soil for a week, dug a plant label into my stomach
and on it wrote do not resuscitate.

DAISY THOMAS is a poet living in London. She is currently pursuing a Masters in Creative & Life Writing at Goldsmiths. Contact her directly for her birth chart.


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